Custom Bouquets

From:  $49.99

All bouquets are specially wrapped  in mesh with a bow

Delivery available on orders over $49.99

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Bouquets for Expressing Love

& Balloons

1 Dozen Fresh Long Stem Roses  (Assorted  Colours)

Pick-up:  $29.99

Arrangements that Speak to the Heart

These arrangements can be for any occasion:  Valentines Day, Christmas, Thank You, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Women's Day, "I Am Sorry", "Just Because", or if you just want to brighten someone's day.  Click the image below to see a larger picture.  Call 647.402.8756 for more info and best price. Ask for Helen.

Choose an arrangement below, ask for the Florist's Choice or tell us your custom arrangement.

We can include balloons and a card with your message.

Vases may vary, ribbons and decorations are not included. (from $85-$119)


Mixed  Flowers Bouquets

Pick-up:  $34.99